Mavis Pearl Putting Smiles on Children’s Faces

Mavis Pearl Putting Smiles on Children’s Faces


Mavis Pearl is a dog with a cause! She is involved in her non profit 501c3 charity Joy In The Cause, Her website is She has a heart for helping and loves to make people smile. She raises money to help men, women, and children, with life altering illness. It is her goal to help them find joy and laughter in their journey. Check out to learn more about what she does to help others!

Mavis is also a certified therapy dog and is seen around town in schools, hospitals, nursing homes etc. bringing smiles. She is also a R.E.A.D dog. R.E.A.D is a program that improves children’s reading and communication skills by employing a powerful method: reading to a dog 🙂 And Mavis loves hearing those stories!


She is also involved in a class known as CHamps. Coaches, Handlers, Many Paws. It is a wonderful class for handlers with challenges who are partnered with a coach and a dog, with the goal of learning how to train with a dog! Mavis brings many smiles to many faces and loves her CHamps buddies!

Mavis has her own stuffed toy look alike! After seeing how much these dogs meant to children going through treatment in and out of the hospitals, it became a goal to get a dog to every person undergoing cancer treatment. We are able to do this through sponsorships. $30.00 sponsors a dog with the signature Mavis Pearl bandana and tutu. The dog will then have a collar with the sponsors name on it or “in honor of” tag. Mavis Pearl personally delivers the dogs. If you are interested in sponsoring a dog or dogs you can do so at this link:

You can also purchase stuffed Mavis Pearl dogs in all styles, and other fun merchandise at her store! Just go to:
You will have fun shopping!


Many have asked how I came up with her name. Mavis Pearl was named after my elementary school lunch lady. I adored that lady. She had a personality like Mavis, and her hairnet would push down on her face and as a result she kind of had a bulldog look. She was a gem! The name…..well it just stuck.

Mavis thinks outside of the box, and knows there are miracles out there! Come join the fun with Mavis! She will leave you laughing! She even has an email address if you want to send a picture, or drop her a message! We post pics on her page! 

Mavis Pearl on Pet Radio