September 18, 2020

Man Saves Cat From Freeway When No One Else Would

freeway the cat
Freeway the cat recovering after medical treatment

If you were driving down the freeway and saw a terrified looking cat clinging to the center divide of the highway, what would you do?

For Richard Christianson, the choice was clear. He had to make sure the cat was rescued as soon as possible.

Richard called 911 to get help and was told by the dispatcher to call the Arizona Humane Society, who told him they were not equipped to do the rescue and directed him to call the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Richard reported that the cat was struggling for seven hours with out help until he decided to walk out onto the freeway himself to rescue the cat, and shot this video with his cell phone as he approached the cat.

As he got close the the cat he could see how terrified it really was. “He looked at me in total surprise and as if he was asking me to save him. The poor little guy seemed joyous and relieved to see me. There was no struggle whatsoever- he just went limp in my arms and started to purr.”

He gently scooped the cat up and walked back to his vehicle and drove to the Humane Society  where the cat was rushed to a clinic.  The cat has now been named “Freeway”.

Richard told reporters, “I was presented a situation in life where I had the opportunity to help out a little (furry) friend who was in a bad jam in which I chose to take part in and help out,” he said on Facebook. As humans we all should look out for one another…A life is a life…(Regardless) if it’s skin, fur, feathers or scales.”

“A few seconds of kindness can last a lifetime,” Christianson says.

Richard is coming on Pet Radio to share his story in more detail and we will be taking your phone calls.

Would you do what Richard did if you saw a stranded cat on a freeway?


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