October 24, 2020

Man jumps in icy creek to save dog

Don Chatten was at Ellicott Island Bark Park in Buffalo, NY  with his dog helping a stranger look for his dog that got away from from him when his own dog alerted him to something in the creek that ran through the park…

“My dog Milo, he stopped and looked down at the water. I thought he was looking at a duck, or a bird, or something of that nature,” Chatten said. “I said ‘come on, let’s go,’ so I starting pulling him to go and get in the car, and they both stopped, and looked again, and then I heard a faint whimper.”

The little black missing dog was stuck in the freezing water. The dog’s name is Jackson, according to his owner.

Chatten did not think twice about jumping in the water to save the dog.


Jackson was taken to the veterinarian to be treated for hypothermia. After staying there overnight, the pup was released on Friday.

Samantha Kelly, a bystander took and posted photos of the dramatic-looking rescue. She shared the pictures to Facebook.  “Thank God for this man that just saved this dog of another owner about 15 minutes ago. We were just coming into the Bark Park on the bridge as I took these pics. The male owner took the dog and left the park and many advised for him to take the pup to the vet. The man that rescued the dog was soaked head to toe, had to go all the way in and breaking the ice on the way to save the dog.”

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