September 19, 2020

Male Kitten Grows up to be: Well-Not Male-and Not Female



Bellini, a nine week old kitten came to an adoption center in St Helens, England back in February when just a few days old along with his sister named Daiquiri and stick together like glue. The two made quite an impression on the staff with Bellini’s playful nature and Daiquiri’s cuddling.

They recently discovered that Bellini is a very special cat because it is neither male or female, but is a hermaphrodite, with both female and male organs and only after careful medical examination it was discovered that Bellini has much more than what is visible.

The staff is confused on what to call the cat and has decided to leave that up to it’s new owner. In fact their web site makes no mention of it being a hermaphrodite and still describes the cat as being male.

I was pretty stunned, it’s so unusual. I have seen over 3,000 cats during my time at Cats Protection and only seen one other hermaphrodite cat. I certainly never thought I’d see two.

We have got used to calling Bellini a boy, but really it is up to his new owner to decide what they think is best. Either way, he is an absolute cutie pie and will make a really lovely pet.

– Sonia Scowcraft, Adoption Centre manager


Bellini has formed a close bond with sister Daiquiri and the pair will be rehomed together. On the web site they are both flagged as “reserved”.

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