Wed. Dec 12th, 2018

Mack the Chesapeake Bay Retriever Fends off Attack by Coyote/Wolf Hybrid


On November 17th, a woman in rural New Hampshire was walking her four year old Chesapeak Bay Retriever, when she noticed a large coyote circling around them, following the dog closely.  Finally it charged and attacked both the dog and the woman.

The husband heard his wife’s screams from the shower in their house,  grabbed a pistol, jumped in his truck and headed out toward the small pond on their 100 acre farm, finding the coyote attacking their dog Mack, who was trying to protect his wife.

The couple, who does not wish to be identified, said they routinely walk throughout the heavily wooded wilderness that surrounds their farm, Crescent Moon, in Greenland without any fear, but from now on will carry a gun with them.

“This is extremely strange behavior for a coyote,” New Hampshire Fish and Game Lt. Michael Eastman explained and went on to say, “This was more indicative of a diseased animal- they don’t hang around, they don’t like to be around human beings so something is very wrong with this coyote.”

Wildlife officials say local coyotes are getting bigger because the smaller Western Coyotes are migrating east through Canada, breeding with Canadian wolves, and then traveling south to New Hampshire. Thought to once be folklore, more and more documented cases of coyote/wolf hybrids have come to light in recent years, the reason for which is unknown. It is also unknown why over the least few decades coyotes have been migrating from the west coast across the continent to the east coast. Coyotes now inhabit the east coast of the United States from Maine to Florida. and are even encroaching on urban areas where they scavenge for food.

The husband fired several shots and after 10 agonizing minutes finally scared off the coyote.  The attack left this wife with a bite on her hand, Mack with wounds all over his body, and neighbors frightened.

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