October 29, 2020

Loulou Dunaway, A French Kitty’s Opinions on Just About Everything


I asked my new friend LouLou, (a very enchanting black and white short haired feline- who is also FRENCH and prides herself on her appearance and fashion sense), to share with me her pointers for princess kitties everywhere to look their best through natural beauty and a sharp mind!  Here is her response:

My reply to writing a short blog for your website.

Robert, what a grand idea and I thank you for allowing me to share my views on maintaining the natural beauty and mental health of kitties everywhere.

I actually have begun doing yoga for my svelte figure and of course, I am in ecstasy when brushed each day (with a de regeur malt paste treat at the finale!), going into a rapture that only a kitty might truly demonstrate. That goes for manicures, too.

A little to the right, please.


Rarely, you might have to do your own grooming, but you can brush up on that.

I definitely do not notice mama’s eyes getting slitty or her head turning round like an owl when she brushes her pelt, so I know it is particular to us, especially we females who luxuriate in and are constantly improving on pelt management.


WHAT? You don’t do your OWN manicures?


Always do your manicures next to a pair of jeans with belt in order to sharpen your newly washed claws on the leather.

That said, I’ll concentrate on the subject of keeping beautiful in the city, even though I only live in a town of 2000 anthros so this is not big city talk, but then again, I live also in Rome, a fairly large city that requires more personal maintenance for a joyful existence than does our little ville here in France. Plus I have no garden and this presents a problem. Still, I adjust, and this builds character.

Might I mention, in passing, that I adopted my mama and papa after my sneaky mama set out food in the garden in an attempt to satisfy her sudden longing for a kitty. And I was ditched, probably, by some summer renters, who actually took quite good care of me (except for my teeth and the fact that I was not properly ‘fixed’—a word we do NOT use around here), and after living in mama’s and papa’s woodpile for a few days, I explored the closed garden and found good things in a dish a short distance from the kitchen door.

This happened for two days, and on the third day, the dish was IN the kitchen. I entered. Mama shut the door and that was that.
Thank the purrwers that be.

Since then it has been snuggle, caress, adoration, conversation, brushing, dining HEAVEN. And I have whipped this household into shape in a timely manner, giving suggestions as to what might be on the daily menus, when I might be left to roam freely in the garden, and when my daily coiffure and toilette might be requested.

I have enclosed some of the yoga positions that I have found to keep me in tip-top form, allowing me, on a certain recent occasion, to whip the pants off a feline intruder who was, no doubt, hot for my svelte body. But I am in NO way interested in that kind of relationship as I have achieved a higher plane of consciousness with daily meditation and sleep yoga, my closely-held beauty secret that works wonders for bod.

I know these tips will work for you, too, and that should you be in the market for joining Adopt An Anthro, these suggestions for mind and body will pave the way for a life of luxury and above all, LOVE.



First, a good stretch to warm the muscles.


Stretch the WHOLE body, counting to 10 as you REACH, REACH.

Each limb should receive serious attention.

Try to keep foot out of mouth.

Are you with me here? Next…

In part two you will see more incredible photos of amazing yoga poses that any kitty can do… coming soon.

Post your questions to LouLou in comments below!

Has any of this made sense to you? Give a shout out to LouLou on her web site-  www.livingwithloulou.com

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