Lost Cat Returned to 80 Year Old Woman After 3 years


WINTHROP, Maine– 80-year old Leslie Gilman got the surprise of her life when her phone rang at her home in Winthrop, Maine .

Gilman’s orange Tabby cat named Sugar was missing since 2012. After searching for several months with out  finding her, she eventually gave up and  adopted two new cats in an effort to fill the void.

“It was tough, it was like another death I thought. My husband had died in February and this was August and I lost her too. It was devastating,” Gilman told local reporters.

Almost three years later Sugar was found an hour away in an old abandoned home in Dresden. Local police brought Sugar to the Lincoln County Animal Shelter where a micro chip with the information of who the cat belonged to.

“I had tears in my eyes that’s for sure because I just couldn’t believe it,” said Gilman.

When Sugar and Leslie were finally reunited, Sugar immediately started purring in her arms. “It’s good to have her home”, smiled Gilman, “so good”.