June 13, 2021

Look What the Cat Brought Home



A family cat in Palm Harbor, Florida strolled through the doggy door in their home with a special surprise!


“She brings us presents all the time. This day, my daughter sent me a message. ‘Mom, she brought in a snake and it has two heads,'” said Kay Rogers. “I think this tops it, but she’s an adventurous cat for sure.”

Her 13-year-old daughter, Avery, placed the snake in a plastic container after the cat droppd it on the carpet.

Kay considered keeping the rare two headed southern black racer snake as a pet, but learned the animal would not survive for very long  and was difficult to feed. She turned it over the the Florida Fish and Game where it is being properly cared for.

Meanwhile the cat is still bringing home presents.


What would you do if your cat brought home a 2 headed snake?

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