September 24, 2020

LiLou the Therapy Pig at the Airport Brings Smiles

LiLou  is a lovable big bundle of love. She is also a pig. A big, fat, lovely pig! Not just any pig, but a therapy pig at the San Francisco airport!


What is a pig doing at an airport you ask?


“Wag Brigade” program was created to bring dogs of all shapes and sizes to the airport to be stress relievers for passengers, and LiLou became the first pig in the program. In fact LiLou may be the only therapy pig at any airport.



She roams the halls dressed in a pilot’s cap and toenails painted a bright red, looking for people to greet and children to make smiley faces with.

When not being our air embassador, she lives at home with  Tatyana Danilova where she is known in the neighborhood.

All the animals, dogs and pig, are put through a training program at the San Francisco SPCA and must be a well balanced, well behaved and in case you were wondering- be fully housebroken!


Sometimes she even gets to wear girly clothes and be a fashion model!


If you are at the SF airport, say hello to LiLou  and Tatyana and visit them on Instagram.



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