September 18, 2020

Lil Bub Teams Up With Norbert the Dog-The Cutest Animal Couple EVER!



The cuteness on the snuggle bug meter is off the scale since both Lil Bub and Norbert put out a teaser today on their social media that they are teaming up for a new book.  Mike Bridavsky promised Pet Radio that a detailed announcement of the partnership will be made tomorrow once Kickstarter gives the green light for their fundraiser.

In an email Mike stated, “It was clear to me that they were really big BUB fans; they knew everything about her, from small intricate details in her back story to details about Lil BUB’s Big FUND for special needs pets. I could tell from their work that they were very talented, worked very hard, and shared the same intense bond with Norbert that I share with BUB (and all of my pets). And just like BUB, Norbert is a truly exceptional and unique creature full of wonder, innocence and inspiration.  Everything was in line with how BUB and I like to work – there was a substantial charitable aspect to the project, they were interested in a full-on creative collaboration, and had a wonderful concept. I thought Virginia’s illustrations were gorgeous as well. After getting on a call and chatting with them, it was clear that this would be a really wonderful partnership, especially considering that I have been wanted to write an illustrated children’s book for some time now (I have my first kid on the way this week). ”



He also said, “The book will be crowd funded through kickstarter, and what’s even cooler is that the ending of the book will be directly affected by the outcome of the kickstarter, so in a way the book is partially crowd-written, and that encompasses the running theme of the story itself, that if we combine our powers together, we can create something bigger and better.”  Thank you for teasing us with more tidbits Mike! More details will be coming in the next day or two and is bound to go viral.

Julie is already the author of two children’s picture books based around her dog Norbert who is a 3 pound therapy dog and often mistaken for a plush toy.  The artwork of the books is done by Julie’s Mother, Dr. Virginia Freyermuth, a truly gifted artist. Norbert’s Facebook page has over 108,000 followers.

The Norbert series of books are published by Polly Parker Press, a company run by Julie and her Mother.

We interviewed Mike and Lil Bub in depth back in 2013, and Julie and Norbert in 2014, so we feel like they are both old friends and we are so happy to see them together.





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