October 29, 2020

Like Lil Bub, this adorable kitten will never grow bigger

Munchie is a special seven month old kitten who like the beloved Lil Bub,  has a condition known as permakitten, (a birth defect  that is a rare form of dwarfism.)


Lil Bub had a host of other birth defects intertwined with the dwarfism. Munchie has cloudy eyes, a condition that does not affect the cats vision at all.  He also has  hypoparathyroidism.


Emily Tomlinson adopted Munchie from the Wolverhampton veterinary practice where she works.  She believes  he had been dumped when he was around three or four weeks old due to his cloudy eyes.

“He’s just like a normal kitten, he can climb but he can’t jump because he has to have calcium and Vitamin D supplemented to keep him stable. He weighs a tiny 1.7kg.”


“I feed him four times a day and he has no more then 15 grams per feed, he eats like a kitten. When he was really poorly I would feed him 6-8 times per day – including getting up several times through the night for weeks on end.

“It was exhausting but worthwhile as, after a few close calls and being close to losing him, he’s pulled through and is on the road to recovery.


“He has a lifelong condition so will need regular blood tests to check his calcium levels and will be on medication for the rest of his life.”


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