Wed. Jun 26th, 2019

Like 2 Peas in a Pod-These Two Hares Are Made For Each Other

We recently spoke with Tanya Hoe about her two Belgian hares, Fiver and Rey.

Fiver is a male, color is rufus red. He is 2 in July.
Rey is female, her color is black and tan. She celebrated her first birthday on valentines day.

Fiver is very sweet natured. He knows how to pull the cute poses! He loves lots of attention.

“Rey is full of energy and very inquisitive! She is full of curiosity and follows us everywhere we go. Open a cupboard and she is there getting into it! She is the one that will jump up onto the coffee table while fiver waits innocently underneath waiting for her to push the treats off the edge! She is very cheeky! They have a lovely relationship which is great to observe.

The Belgian Hare, a domestic breed, is most known for its distinctively close resemblance to a hare, with a long, fine body with muscular flank, and distinctly arched back with loins and well-rounded hind quarters. Their head is long and their tail straight and carried in line with the backbone. The fore feet of a Belgian Hare are usually long and fine-boned and perfectly straight, while their hind feet long are fine and flat. They are believed to be the only breed of domestic rabbit featuring a deep red, rich chestnut color of the Belgian Hare, together with black ticking of a wavy or blotchy appearance and an extended down the sides.

In the USA, Rufus Red coloration is the only variety recognized. The BRC now recognizes both Black and Tan (called the Tan Hare), and Black Hares in addition to the Rufus Red.

As for mischief, it should be Reys middle name! It is impossible for us to eat a meal without her jumping up to try and steal our food! Fivers most annoying trait is being too cute!
The best part about having a rabbit… They have just as much intelligence and personality as a dog or cat making them amazing family additions. They know their names so come when called and they love their daily routine which makes life very easy. They know when it’s bed time as they will start to run up, bop us with their nose and run in and out kitchen until we go through (they stay in the kitchen during the night).”

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