June 13, 2021

Laundry Pet Hair Remover



Do you fight with removing pet hair from clothes and bedding?

Grand Fusion Housewares’ Pet Hair Dryer Balls are the fastest, easiest way to get rid of that hair and dander. Just toss them in the dryer along with your washed clothes, and they’ll catch up that fur (along with lint and hair) while still being gentle on your garments. Use two to three balls on small loads and four to five on larger ones.

It works wonderfully and it is so easy. In my house we have a 12 year old 25 pound  dog with a short hair coat that leaves a trail of hair wherever he lies and a large German Shepherd whose thick coat leaves piles of hair everywhere. These dryer balls leave nothing behind! We give this product five stars.

It is available on Amazon.


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