Lady Bug The Pibble Mix


I once was thrown away.  It was a very scary time in my life.  I was only a year old.  I had no home, food, water…and I must have been walking forever because my paws were blistered and bleeding. Cars were going by and they were scaring me and no one stopped, until night time..someone did stop and brought me to what is now my furever home!  My name is Lady Bug, and maybe I had a rough beginning,… but I am one of the lucky ones.  I am a pibble mix…….my mom calls me her pretty pittie.  I have been *home* for two years now, and my life is so wonderful.  I don’t know why the humans who had me before did this to me.  I want humans to know, that we dogs have feelings to.  We know fear and pain, but we also know hope and love.  Please do not discard us….we just want to love you.  I am so happy being home now.  I love to play ball, and tug-o-war with my little sister Llama.  I like to wrestle with my little brother Tucker. I have another brother named Rockit, but he is a cranky beagle, but I still love him.  I have a kitty named Pixie Doodle and I even have a brother ratty!  I have a human brother and sister, and my mom and dad.  I REALLY love to play ball!  REALLY, REALLY!  I love to sleep with mom and dad in bed.  I love doggy ice cream that momma buys for us!  Did I mention that I REALLY REALLY love to play ball?  mom works with me every day and I am a well behaved pibble mix!  I love people and hold no grudges.  I do not like BSL because even though I am just a mix, I am illegal and condemned in some places..i do not even know what those words mean, but it sounds scary.  We must stop the mistreatment of animals all over the world!
ladybug 2