Kitten Thrown From Vehicle on Highway Finds a New Home


Imagine driving at high speed along the highway, and suddenly in front of you someone throws a kitten out the widow of a truck. It is difficult to even think about, but to actually see it happen would be horrendous.  For Christopher Stone, this nightmare was a reality. He ended up in a ditch to avoid running over the kitten, and then ran out into the highway to get the kitten and brought it to  the Lethbridge Animal Shelter in Alberta, Canada.

Stone’s gut reaction and first priority was to save the kitten, not chase after the vehicle. “I wish I would have gotten the license plate. That wasn’t the first concern”. The little female kitten was bleeding badly from one eye.

Since the kitten was injured outside of the city limits, the shelter couldn’t treat her, (now there is a law that needs to be changed) so animal rescuer Trudy Smith volunteered to bring the frail looking kitten to a veterinary hospital in Nanton. where it was determined that the injured eye needed to be removed. The staff named the kitten Trooper for the cat’s fighting spirit.


Once Trooper recovered from her surgery, Stone decided to adopt her.  “We’re definitely excited to have her come and live with us and actually be in a home where she’s loved and appreciated,” he said.


Trooper has been with Stone for a week and is almost fully recovered and is playing like a normal kitten. According to Stone, she is growing fast and is full of energy and vigor.