September 21, 2020

Justin the fire survivor kitty


Justin was only a one month old kitten when a human brutally and intentionally doused him in an accelerant and SET HIM ON FIRE. He suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns over the majority of his little body. He laid helpless and hurting on the cold, dirty street, as people walked by him and his charred body like he was garbage… until a good Samaritan stopped and saved him. Through compassionate doctors, nurses, rescue organizations, and people around the world, he survived and made a triumphant recovery! Life is a series of choices. And every day, no matter how hard, how painful, Justin chose to live. Now, he makes every day a day worth living! ….

Justin and his caregiver will be on the Pet Radio Show this Saturday, along with another special kitty, “Little Bear”.

Justin has his own tee shirts to help raise money for the shelter who rescued him,  Animal Alliance of NJ.

justin tee



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