September 22, 2020

If you Doubt the Life of a Mill Dog- Meet Harley

Harley with hat

Harley is a magical dog – he talks.  Anyone who has visited his Facebook page will attest to that.  He’s got a story to tell and a mission to accomplish.

Harley with doggles

Harley’s first 10 years were spent living in a small filthy cage in a puppy mill.  He never had a bed or a bone, he received no medical care, and he never knew the touch of a kind human.  His job was to help produce puppies; cute little Chihuahua puppies to be sold in pet stores all over the country.

Harley in flowers

Harley was one of the lucky ones, he got a second chance at life. He was rescued.  Harley was in heart failure, his lungs and stomach were filled with fluid, his teeth were all rotten and his nails were so long they caused his toes to deform. His tail was broken and his spine was fused from painful arthritis.  He’d also lost his left eye- this kind of injury is common in puppy mills as the cages are often cleaned using a power washer without removing the dogs.  Most dogs don’t last more than 5-6 years in a mill, but Harley is a survivor and had a mission awaiting him.


As a spokesdog against puppy mills Harley has helped raise more than $50,000.  Every penny has gone toward saving mill dogs and their medical expenses.  Harley’s ongoing campaign “Harley to the Rescue” was designed to raise money specifically to fund rescue missions by National Mill Dog Rescue.  With the help of his mom, dad and the rescue, Harley’s first self-sponsored rescue this past May saved 64 puppy mill dogs and many of them have already found their forever homes.

Follow Harley’s adventures on his facebook page at:

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