June 16, 2021

How Two German Shepherds Are Changing The World

by Robert Hudson


What do you get with two beautiful sable German Shepherds who want to please and keep busy and a woman with a gift for producing videos with a wicked sense of humor?  A social media star with over a million followers around the world.


Karen, as she is known to the fans, just moved into a new home in Canada with her two dogs, Jade and Jasper.    Jade is four years old and Jasper is one. Both are pure bred sable German Shepherds.  “I am absolutely in love with all German Shepherds but I personally love the sable coats just a little more!  I find they look so fierce and their fur coloration is so neat. They are loyal, intelligent, obedient and just all around amazing dogs. Couldn’t ask for the better company”, she told me.


“We’ve been sharing the dogs lives for about 4 years now!  I honestly love making people laugh and Jade and Jasper are so loveable and well behaved so it’s easy to share their story! I started Jades Instagram in March 2017, mainly because I didn’t want to annoy my friends by posting dog daily pics on my personal page. I never made the page with the intention to get popular initially. We started posting silly videos and they would get hundreds of shares at first and then it was thousands. Now we’re just blown away by all of the support we have from our fans.  It’s really crazy to think that we have over a million people following us across the globe!”



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The humor in these videos is priceless, but the videos also show how well these dogs are trained.  “I’ve trained them 100% myself. I learned everything I know from watching YouTube training tutorials. I’d say their training is at an advanced obedience level and I’m really proud of what we’ve accomplished as a team. Although they are family pets, I work them daily because they require that stimulation. They also have no problem lazing around the house chewing their bone.”



How are Jade and Jasper different from each other? I asked.  

“Jade is highly intelligent and sensitive. She never leaves my side and will follow me from room to room and anywhere I go. She’s a mamas girl. She’s also an introvert and would rather hang by herself than interact with most other dogs but when she does she’s always very friendly. Jade is very level headed and calm under all circumstances but she’s also not the type to back down from a fight if an aggressive dog comes up to us. 

Jasper is a high drive dog and the biggest goof ball ever. He’s a total social butterfly and he wouldn’t hurt a fly. He’s very vocal and always has something to say to me. He’s well known for his “side eye” which he does to me at least 10 times a day and talking back. Jasper is an everybody dog and doesn’t really follow me around the way that Jade does. I’d say he’s a daddy’s boy and prefers the attention of males in general.”

She keeps the dogs sharp with weekly training exercises.  “I do sport scent detection with both dogs at least a few times a week.  Jade and I dabbled in tracking but I didn’t love it so we didn’t continue. Otherwise, their training is made up of just fetch and running obedience drills.”

How do they keep from being bored?  “They both have an amazing off switch. I try and give them a rest day once a week where we just relax, catch up on sleep, let their bodies rest. They will go hard when it’s time but they also love sleeping.”

Now that Karen and her family are all moved into their country home, they expect to get back to creating videos that will make you laugh with lots of new adventures and games soon.

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