Sun. Dec 15th, 2019

How To Win Your Dog’s Attention When Training

by Adrian Brito



Every dog owner dreams of having a perfectly trained pooch that can roll over, sit, and obey their orders on command. When it comes to starting the training process, however, you really need to focus your attention and be present in the moment. Otherwise, your furry four-legged pal isn’t going to pay attention to you.


Stated by Scott’s K9, dogs are hypersensitive and can sense your emotions, so you need to be physically and mentally devoted to training your pup in order to gain their respect. It’s important to not only reward good behavior with scrumptious treats but to also show your delight through praise and happiness. Here are three exercises you can use to help your dog pay attention to you.


Hand Gestures

One vital reason you may need your dog’s attention is to prevent them from harm or attacking when they are frightened. While these instincts, along with running away, are natural responses, you can interrupt this behavior before it turns into a more dire situation. To do so, simply place the palm of your hand directly in front of your dog’s nose. There’s no need for verbal cues, as your pooch needs to learn and make the association for himself.


When your dog acknowledges the command by touching his nose to the palm of your hand, give him praise and reward him with a treat. By repeatedly performing this exercise, your dog will associate touching your palm with earning a reward. Thus, he’ll be focused on you instead of distracted by outside factors.


Eye Contact

Want your dog to sit quietly and keep his or her attention on you? Take a handful of treats and sit next to your pooch. Remain quiet and patient until your dog turns their attention to you. Each time your furry companion raises its eyes to meet yours, celebrate his action with a reward. Continue practicing this exercise until your dog understands that meeting your gaze equates to a yummy treat.


Controlling Impulses

Once you’ve gained control over eye contact with your dog, you can leverage this training to teach him or her in other areas as well. For instance, if you drop a piece of food from your plate and your pooch moves to eat it, simply place your foot over the food and wait for your dog to sit and look at you. After he makes eye contact, give him praise and the go-ahead to scarf down 

that piece of food. Using this type of exercise helps your pooch learn that praise and treats are rewarded through meeting your gaze.


Remember to ration your dog’s treats and spread them out throughout the day. Otherwise, your dog may lose motivation. Plus, you want to keep your companion healthy, so refrain from overfeeding. Once you’ve nailed down getting your dog’s attention, you can get creative and take your training to new heights. 

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