January 24, 2021

How to Train a Large Dog and Give Them Basic Care


When you get a dog, the first thing you start to think about is how to train a large dog? You may think this because the last thing you’ll want to come home to after a long day is your toilet paper strewn all over the floor or the dog food bag overturned.

To avoid messes and chaos, you must find a training method that works for you and your dog. In this guide, we are going to provide you with the advice you need to ensure that you can train your dog and take care of them.


The Difference Between Good And Bad Behavior

When your training your dog its is essential that they understand the difference between good and bad behavior. To teach them the difference in their actions, you should use a reward system.

The reward system can be used in the following way; when your dog does something useful like using the bathroom outside instead of in the house, they deserve a treat or a form of praise. This is better than scolding your dog when they exhibit bad behavior.

When a larger breed dog exhibits destructive behavior and you punish them, you must keep in mind that they are larger, and if they feel threatened may defend themselves and lash out at you. Therefore, it’s much better and safer to reward and reinforce the behavior that you want the dog to exhibit.

You can even use some of their large breed dog food to treat them when they do something good.


Use The Leash

Using the dog leash is an effective way to teach your dog when to walk and when its time to heel. It’s also a great tool when it comes to training your dog how to sit as well.

When you’re walking, your dog ensures that you think about giving your dog a little extra leash to walk and when they start wondering or disobeying, your wishes shorten the leash. Over time the dog will understand the pace that you walk at and not to pull you along.


Taking Care Of A Larger Breed

There are some basic things that you need to know when taking care of a larger breed dog. The first thing is food because you need to ensure that you choose a dog food that will support the dogs longer limbs and give them the nutrients they need to stay healthy.

When taking care of a larger breed, think about the sleeping space that you give them. The crate you purchase for your dog to sleep in must be large enough that they can turn around and not be cramped within the space. Larger dogs need plenty of exercise, and space to run around.

Help your dog remain active and help their joints stay in good shape by taking them outside. You should also spend time playing with them when your outside daily.


How To Train A Large Dog: Training Time

When you think about how to train a large dog, we hope you found this article helpful. Implementing the reward system will give your dog the reassurance they need when it comes to specific behaviors that they exhibit.

If you found this article helpful, we encourage you to check out some of the other posts on our website. We love animals just as much as you do and want to support you and your new pup.


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