October 29, 2020

How to Sedate a Dog for Nail Clipping

by Jeanne Baxter



Trimming or cutting nails of your dog is a big deal because of the likely irritation the dog feels. Dogs do not understand why need them groomed and to make it worse in most cases, our choice of tool may be too noisy for them. The fright your favorite pet shows could be the sign that you need to learn how to sedate a dog. 

Sedation is putting something in a calm and tranquil state using prescription drugs. A docile dog is easy to handle nail clipping, hair clipping, and visionary exams. Trying to clip nails on a restless dog may cause some injuries. Now that the pet is relaxing, here is how we go about it:


Use the Right Prescription 

Sedatives are strong medications that need an experts input. Get the right prescription from a veterinarian. The three common sedatives are acepromazine (PromAce), diazepam (Valium), and dexmedetomidine system (CNS). 

The drugs work by blocking some signals from reaching the central nervous system creating a calming effect. As an alternative, you can use Sileo, which is a gel applied to the dog’s cheek or gums. The gel treats anxiety and phobias in dogs. 


Calming your Dog Using Exercises 


Exercise with your dog before the dog catches up and involves in activities that might make it restless. A dog will find time to rest after exhaustion. 


Take with You the Dogs Favorite Toys 

Taking your dog to the veterinarian, carry with you the favorite elements that might relax the dog, this helps reduce the anxiety when the dog visits a non-familiar place. 

Try Aromatherapy 

By placing drops of lavender oil on your hands, massage the back of the dog’s head or at the base of the spine. Lavender produces a calming scent and it the same one used in spas for humans. 


Give it Casein Supplement 

The Supplement with Casein, which is a protein, found in milk given to dogs introduces a calming effect. Another alternative is the Zylkene for a natural way of soothing anxiety. Consult your veterinarian when you are not sure which supplement to use and in particular those the capsules or chewable. 


Use Pheromones Laced Products 

All mammals have pheromones when they are nursing. In dogs, the puppy’s mother releases the hormone. The hormone has a calming effect and sends a message to puppies that mom is within. 

Examples of such products include Adaptil collar and spray, Comfort zone diffuser, Sentry calming collar. The products are easy to use since it is a matter of placing the collars on your dog’s neck. Connect the diffusers to a wall socket to slowly release its content.  


Use Melatonin Supplements 

Melatonin is another hormone that comes from the pineal gland. A sleeping hormone causes the animal to have a good rest at night. It varies depending on the number of days in daylight in winter. 


Try the Use of Herbal Agents 

Herbal pills and oils made specifically for dogs can also help sedate your pet. Examples include Dorwest Herbs, Scullcap, and Valerian tablets. The herbal medicines are good for relieving anxiety, restlessness, and fatigue from travel. The herbs also play an essential role in controlling the effects of epilepsy and hyperactivity in dogs

These among others are some of the methods a dog owner should know when looking for ways of sedating their pets as they prepare to groom the dogs and clip its nails. 


Prepare Your Concoctions 

Mix 1 teaspoon German Chamomile, catnip, and skullcap in a cup and set it aside. Heat about 120 ml of water and pour it over the cup containing the mixture. Let it for about 6 minutes. Add 3 tablespoons of honey into the concoction. Store the mixture for 24-hours and give it to the dog. 


An Alternative of Sedating a Dog without Medication 

You should not attempt to do this alone or if you are not friendly to the dog

Put your dog on one side and grab him around the neck 

Grab both logs on the side touching the floor, i.e. the front and back leg 

In this position, the dog cannot move with ease. The second person should start clipping the nails 

Once the dog, do not apply undue pressure

Remember to hold the dog firmly because if it escapes your grip, it may lead to injuries. 


Just in case, you are comfortable holding the dog as opposed to using the herbs and drugs from the veterinarian you can use a muzzle to avoid injuries. 


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