November 27, 2020

How to look after your pet during the pandemic

by John Woods


Treat them like one of your family members and help them out if they are in any trouble. Treat them right and give them your time. They are the most innocent creatures on earth, they might not speak, but their love language makes you fall in love with them. 


The world is going through a really tough time, and everybody is concerned about their loved ones. A little virus has taken over the world, where no one can find out how and when things will get better. The virus is affecting humans quickly; it is still unclear how it will affect the pets we have at our home. 


WHO has stated that it is still not confirmed that pets can get infected by the virus or spread it among other animals or humans. Taking care of yourself and your pet in situations like these has become crucial and difficult. 


The supplies are short, taking your pet to the vet, and then for walks where there are many people, everything has a different perspective now. 


Here are a few dos and don’ts that will help you better care of your dog, horse or cat during the Pandemic.


  1. Hydration and nutrition should never be neglected


Keeping healthy is important for you as well as your pet, and these times are no different. You have to make sure that your pet eats well and has appropriate water amounts during the day. 


It is best to give your pet the usual food he eats but, make sure that you stock up his nutritional requirements for more than one month. This way, you don’t have to move out often.


  1. Don’t forget to play with them!


Taking our pets out in the park has been difficult during these times, and you might be thinking ways that could keep your pet active! You might have seen many cool videos on the internet and surely be a great idea to interact and keep close with your pet. 


Try to indulge him at home itself by playing some pet games or making him exercise in a fun way.


It is a must that you take your pet out for a short run to get him a toilet break! When you take him out for a walk, make sure it is quick, and you take all the precautions before heading out. Also, make sure that he doesn’t sniff or eat anything from the floor. 


That is unhygienic for sure and also has chances of carrying the virus along.


  1. Keep in touch with your pet’s veteran


Times are tough, and taking your pet to the vet is something you have to think about these days! Social distancing and the virus being anywhere has made the world a stressful place. 


You know vet consultations and vaccinations are an important part of keeping your pet safe, so you can be in touch with him on call and go if necessary! That can be the best way to stay connected and take good care of your dog.


If there is an emergency, call your vet and ask him if things can be handled from within the home only, and if not, you must take your pet to the vet. Make sure you take care of all the precautionary measures while you move out.


  1. Clean your pets well


Hygiene is very important, no matter what! Your pet can stay away from a lot of problems if he stays clean and hygienic. Always wash your hands before and after touching your pet and make sure that you clean his paws whenever you take him out. 


Make sure that you do not use any chemical disinfectant to clean them up! 


It is not good for them. You can clean the paws simply with a wet cloth or some water. Alcohol in the sanitizers can not only irritate their skin but also make it dry. It is also poisonous for them, so avoid chemicals no matter what.


Wash your pets’ utensils nicely before and after serving them food. It has a lot to do with hygiene.


  1. Keep your house clean


Keeping your house clean is another way to take care of you and your family members, including your pet. If you keep your house well sanitized, your pet will never catch bacteria and viruses and will keep him super safe. 


Now that you are working from these days, you can personally take good care of the house and your pet throughout the day. Trust us, and he is the happiest one to know you are going to work from home!


  1. Don’t abandon them when they need you


We all know that these times are very difficult and that the entire human race is suffering but, your pets are no different than humans! They also need your care and love during these tough times. However, it is still not clear that animals can contain Coronavirus. 


Dogs, Horse and Cats cannot spread the infection, but there is a possibility that an infected human might spread the droplets in the air, which might get stuck on your pet’s fur. 


In this case, you need to follow all kinds of precautionary measures that have been listed by WHO and keep you and your pet away from people with the help of social distancing and wearing a mask.


Getting worried about the fact that your pet might spread the virus is no reason you can abandon them. These pets love you unconditionally, and in return, you must take care of them. They won’t abandon you when you get sick. 


What if they do the same with you? It will be very heart-breaking!


Take good care of them and make sure they feel fine. Similarly, pets are a part of your own family, and they deserve the same attention, love, and care as any other family member in your house.


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