January 17, 2021

How to Keep an Outdoor Dog Kennel Warm

by Thomas Brown


The days are becoming colder, thus the time is ripe to think about winterization. Pet owners start asking the pressing question: “How to keep my dog warm in winter?”.  Since your paw friend lives in a dog kennel, it’s crucial to know about its insulation enhancement.


Keep in mind that if you’re not sure whether to keep your dog outside or inside during winter, dozens of factors may affect your choice. In short, if the canine is small and thin-coated,  it would have a tough time.  If your companion is more cold-tolerant with long hair and enough body fat, the dog would fair better. 


If your dog appears cold, take steps to correct it ASAP.  If you are cold wearing a winter coat outside, your dog will be just as cold.

 The dog is a smart animal that can show clear signs of feeling bad.  Nights are even colder, so please bring your dog inside at night. If you decided to keep your pup outside, here are some crucial tips you should consider when getting ready for cold weather.



The very first thing you should consider is how well-built the dog house is. It should provide necessary protection to withstand cold days and nights. You may find all-season dog kennels that provide a comfy living year round. They are wind- and waterproof to last for years with flying colors.


However, if your kennel lacks protection, you need to handle it ASAP. Keep in mind the following aspects:

  • Check the roof for leaks. If there are some, detach the old shingle and add a water-proof insulation layer.
  • Add insulation into the walls.  
  • The same goes for the floor. Add extra padding at the bottom to make the dog feel cozy!

As for insulation materials, there’s a wide range to choose from: fiberglass, foil, bubble wrap, foam, wood, etc. The fiberglass insulation is a budget-friendly option that is easy to set. The foil insulation reflects the heat to keep it inside the house; it’s easy to install and is highly effective. The bubble wrap for insulation is covered with aluminum for better heating and you could easily staple it all over the kennel.


Before you get a heater for a dog, pay attention that heating a dog kennel and a human house is extremely different. You can’t use a regular electric heater that you use to warm your toes on a winter night. The dog house is not as spacious as your living place, hence, it warms up faster. That’s why you should be careful when regulating the canine’s temperature.


Keep your dog toasty but be safe!  You should consider a heating appliance that is kennel-friendly. There are heaters specially designed for dog houses. They are called “dog house furnaces”. 

  • They have solid protection to keep your paw friend away from the device, so he doesn’t hurt himself.
  • The heater is designed to cover a small space to prevent overheating and fire-raising.
  • The wires are also protected so your pet won’t chew them. That’s an ace feature for owners of a snoopy puppy who enjoys exploring the world by tasting stuff.
  • They require a little space to be installed.
  • Such furnaces are easy to set and maintain.


Extra Accessories to Consider

Apart from dog house insulation and heating, you may consider investing in additional devices to provide better comfort in winter.

Kennel Heating Pad

We bet even dog owners crave a heated bed. The heating pad is designed to spread the heat evenly all over the blanket. The fully-insulated element is protected from being chewed. Such a device will definitely stand you in good stead in winter.

Heated Dog Bowl

Fresh water is a must for everyday canine care. In winter you may find it difficult to keep water warm and not freeze. Thus, a heated dog bowl may come in handy. The device is easily temperature-controlled to set the perfect liquid condition. So you don’t need to worry whether your companion is thirsty outside.

The Bottom Line

Stay warm and cozy no matter what the weather is. Make sure your four-legged pal is toasty by improving the insulation and heating of his house. If you’re looking for a new kennel, you may pick from all-season options that are suitable for various conditions. Stay healthy !



















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