November 27, 2020

How To Find the Right Pet Sitter/Walker Without Worry

by Courtney Heitter


Your pet is your family member and you want the best for him. You understand how to keep your pet happy and healthy and you’re invested in making his life the best it can be. If you’re like many pet owners, traveling often has one drawback: you have to leave your pet behind.


Boarding in a kennel can stress out your pet because his routine and environment are disrupted. Fortunately, there’s an alternative. Did you know that your dog can have a vacation while you do, with little to no disruption to his routine? is the nation’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers. You can book a pet sitter rand relax while your dog gets personalized care even while you’re apart.


Because your dog’s needs are unique, finding a pet sitter that’s a good match for him is important. These three tips will help you find that perfect sitter.



  • Understand what makes your dog happy



You know that your dog prefers laying on the top portion of your couch and loves sleeping on the bed next to you. Rover offers filters that can help you find a sitter who’s happy to let your dog on the couch. Sorting for your pet’s preferences couldn’t be easier—or more important.


While searching for sitters in your area, be sure to read their profile details. They’ll mention what they’re comfortable with, like administering medication or giving frequent potty breaks, for example.


Once you find a couple of sitters that sound like a great fit, let them know what you’re looking for (long walks or ample cuddle sessions?) so you both can decide if it’s a match. Next, meet the sitter in person with your dog to be certain that you all connect.

Talking-points checklist:


  • How often are you able to let my dog outside to relieve himself?
  • Are you comfortable with his exercise routine? (This could be ensuring the sitter is okay with rigorous exercise, if necessary)
  • Will any other dogs be staying with you at the time my dog is booked? (Important if your dog can be iffy with other dogs)
  • Is my dog allowed not allowed/allowed on your furniture? (To follow his home routine, whatever that may be)
  • Do my dog’s normal feeding times fit with your routine?
  • How often do you send updates / I’d like (insert amount) of updates per day




  1. Book in advance


If you’re able to book in advance (sitters understand that things come up last minute, too), definitely do. This is especially important for summer and the holiday season since sitters will often book to capacity months in advance. You’ll have first choice of sitters in your area by booking in advance, which only helps in finding the perfect fit for your dog.


This is even more important if your dog is happiest with no other dogs around. If you wait to book during peak-season, it might be harder to find a sitter who takes only one dog at a time. Start looking for your perfect sitter at least a month out for summer and holiday seasons.


  1. Understand and relay your dog’s quirks


Your dog’s audible, frequent grumbles might be as normal as the garbage truck’s noise for you, but they could really alarm someone who doesn’t know your dog. Anything that could be perceived as your dog being upset, hurt, aggressive, etc., should be mentioned to your chosen sitter. Doing it ahead of time helps save you both time and stress.

If your dog isn’t too great with dogs on-leash, but just fine while they’re off-leash, mention it. You get the idea—set your sitter and dog up for a successful, fun stay.


Gone are the days of stressing about your dog’s happiness when you’re not around. You can find most any kind of pet care on, including dog walkers and daycare. Who doesn’t want their pet to get a bit more attention and love every day?!


We hope you and your dog enjoy your upcoming vacations!

Courtney is a miniature schnauzer dog-mom living in the PNW. In her free time she can be found hiking, backpacking, reading, drinking her whiskey neat and coffee black, and saving the whales.



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