June 16, 2021

How To Clean Cat Urine?

by Jessica Marquez


Keeping pets is a real-time hobby that comes with great obligations. And if you’re a cat owner, you know how challenging it is to toilet train a cat, especially when the cat is mature and has passed its learning age. That clearly means you have to bear the consequences of getting an untrained cat with urine spread all over your upholsterers, carpets and wooden floors. Therefore, mostly new cat parents bombard the vets with questions like how to clean cat urine and tips to buy cat urine cleaners.

First of all, why cat urine smell so bad that even after wiping it off with expensive household cleaners, it just doesn’t literally go away?

Well, if we dig deep into the science of cat urine, we would know that cat urine is mainly composed of three major components, namely; Urea, Urochrome and Uric Acid where urea brings the stickiness, urochrome gives it pigments and uric acid stinks.

There is a multitude of brands that manufacture amazing home cleaners, but still, they cannot kill the foul smell effectively.


Because the regular house cleaners cannot deal with the last component of cat urine, i.e. the Uric acid. Uric Acid is an integral part of cat urine that speaks volumes of a cat’s existence, even if your feline is not home. But why does uric acid smell so bad?

The thing is, uric acid is mainly composed of crystals and salts. When these crystals accumulate on the furniture and other surfaces, they leave a foul odour. Therefore, to eliminate the odour, you need a specialized cat urine cleaner that has such enzymes and bacteria to help you get rid of the tiniest bit of crystals left in the carpets, floors or upholstery.


Top 3 Most Effective Cat Urine Cleaners

The market is flooded with exceptional cat urine cleaners. However, we have curated a list of 3 best-selling cat urine cleaners especially for you.

  1. Nature’s Miracle Cat Odour Remover
  2. Resolve cat Urine Destroyer Spray
  3. Thornell Cat Odor-Off

How To Clean Cat Urine?

Cats like to pee in odd places you cannot even reach, hence, you have to be very vigilant about it. The best time to clean cat urine is immediately when the deed is done. However, it’s not always possible to keep an eagle eye on your cat’s urinating hours and places. And so, you must learn the tricks to find the offending spot.

Finding The Pee Spot

  1. Cat urine smells terrible and luckily it has this weird smell that you can associate only with cat urine. And this is where your sense of smell comes handy. Try to sniff where the smell is coming from and chase it all over. You will soon find out the exact spot.
  2. Dried cat urine leaves obvious marks on surfaces. Look out for urine splotches around the cosy areas of your home and notice the puddles. This process is fairly simple if your furniture is made of lighter and absorbent materials.
  3. The third and the most effective thing you could do to find the pee spot is using UV blacklight which works as a pet urine detector. Make sure the room is dark or slightly dim and roam around the stinky room with a UV blacklight. The dried cat urine glows upon blacklight exposure and the stains become evident.

Cleaning The Cat Urine

Once you are sure of the stinky spot, know that water and soap would never do the job. Therefore, you need a specialized cat urine cleaner to kill the smell completely.

Always use an absorbent cloth to soak up the wet area.

Secondly, spray the cat urine cleaner on the affected areas to get rid of the foul smell totally. These cat urine cleaners contain enzymes and bacteria that break up the urine crystal into smaller pieces and then destroy completely, so no residues are left.

Alternatively, you can try some home remedies to clean the cat urine.

Home Remedies To Clean Cat Urine

There are some home remedies that are followed worldwide to kill the cat urine smell and they work as effectively as a store-bought cat urine cleaner.

A mixture of Vinegar and Water

The mixture of vinegar and water is the conventional method of removing cat urine stains because vinegar is the most popular cleaning agent and acts as a deodorizer as well.

All you need is:

One part of vinegar

Two parts of water

Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and mix it vigorously. Next, clean the affected areas with a damp cloth or towel and spray this mixture all over to remove stains and smell, efficiently.

Baking Soda and Liquid Soap

A mixture of baking soda and liquid soap can be quite effective to kill the spots and smell. However, this remedy works for smaller areas.

3% Diluted Solution of Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent oxide, a bleaching agent and an antiseptic that does wonders for cleaning the cat urine. Simply spray hydrogen peroxide solution all over the stains and wait for at least 5 minutes. Next, blot the area by placing an absorbent towel or cotton cloth over the stain.

What Can Be Done?

If your cat has started peeing all over the place suddenly, it is highly recommended to visit a vet because sometimes, cats develop medical conditions such as urinary tract infections which make peeing painful and uncomfortable that your cat associate it with its litter box and avoid using it.

Also, cats are neatness freaks and so don’t consider peeing in dirty litter boxes. Therefore, try to keep their litter boxes clean and properly train your cat.

Play your role in keeping your cat healthy and happy so the cat urine shouldn’t be of any concern to you and your housemates.


Cleaning cat urine can be a daunting task as it takes nerves to deal with the foul smell and stubborn stains. However, with the tips discussed above, you can get rid of them effectively and completely. Home remedies and store-bought cat urine cleaners, both can be used to deal with the smell, however, the specialized urine cleaners work faster and provide 100% results as compared to conventional methods.

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