March 4, 2021

How to Choose a Name for Your Pet

by Ink Elves


When getting a pet, choosing a new name for them can be hard. You want a name that suits them, and you may have many ideas or none at all. You may also be in disagreement with your family or partner in what to call your new pet. Whether you have a fish, cat or dog, you want their name to represent them and you want one that you’ll love forever. Here are a few things to consider when naming your pet.

Personality Matters

If you have met your pet before you have brought it home, you may have gotten to know a little bit about it. You may not be able to name your pet for a few days of having them, but their personality may help you to name them. All pets have a personality that shines through, especially animals such as cats and dogs. As they begin to show their cheeky or happy personality, they may begin to remind you of someone from a movie, tv show or perhaps even a person that you know. This could help you to name them from their personality, and there is a cute reason behind why you have named them so.

Look at Your Pet

Many people call their pets something after a distinctive feature that they may have. For example, fluffy because they are extremely fluffy or spot (for obvious reasons). Although these may be slightly generic, there may be something on your pet that stands out, such as they have one ear smaller than the other, so perhaps Nemo could be a good name as he has one fin smaller than the other. If they are a certain color, you could be imaginative – if your pet is grey, perhaps you could name them smoky.

Check Online

There are many places online where people could offer you names. If you and your family or partner are struggling to come to an agreement, perhaps put a picture of your new pet up on social media and ask for a vote between names. This is the fairest way to decide if you are not getting anywhere between yourselves. There are countless name generators online where you can find anything from pet names to Nicknames For Guys.


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Something Personal

Perhaps there is something in your life that you really love, or a character that you have always liked through childhood or adulthood. There may be a certain figure that everyone associates with you so perhaps this could be a name for your new pet. Perhaps you love Game of Thrones and want to name your pet after your favorite character on there, or you want to name them after your favorite singer. This is always a sweet and easy way to name your pet and whenever you watch that show or listen to a certain song, you will always be reminded of your pet.

Pet names can be difficult to choose, and it is always better to choose wisely than jump in. it doesn’t matter if your pet goes a few days without a name until you finally decide!

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