How to cat-proof your Christmas tree


1) Christmas Tree Defender
This simple barrier can be quickly installed and cut to fit around the trunk of your Christmas tree. The grated texture keeps cats from climbing your tree. The barrier is also made with a flame retardant additive that makes it safe to use with Christmas lights. This tree defender can also be used year-round to protect your potted plants from curious cats.


2) Cat Repellent Spray
Keep your cat away from the Christmas tree with a motion-activated pet repellent spray. This safe, but annoying spray releases a quick burst when cats approach the tree, and covers up to three feet. Keep the can under the tree for an odorless, harmless deterrent any time your cat approaches.  PetSafe SSSCAT Spray


3) A Decorative Deterrent
Placing pine cones around the base of your Christmas tree is a decorative way to keep cats at bay. Cats will avoid walking over pine cones, especially if you add a naturally cat-repelling citrus scent, like orange.

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