June 16, 2021

How to Care For Your Teacup Puppies

by Seth Johann


Teacup puppies are the smallest and cutest of the small and cute. People are naturally drawn to the puppies’ cuteness and can’t help but fall in love because this dog breed retains its cute size their entire lives. If you have been thinking about getting one of these cute puppies and make a nice addition to your family, check out foufoupuppies.com and find out more about this irresistibly cute dog breed. Nonetheless, there are a few things that future puppy adopters need to know about teacup dogs. For instance, you will need to understand the requirements to own and care about puppies of such a delicate size. Before bringing one of these cuties home, do proper research and learn as much as you can about this cute breed. Understanding your dog well before welcoming it home is an effective way to avoid unnecessary health issues and early death of the breed. Read on to learn more about a few essential things that all teacup puppy owners need to know.


Diet & Nutrition

Your puppy’s diet is of utmost critical, which means that you need to refrain from purchasing low-quality food at all costs. You should know that teacup puppies don’t consume much food. Therefore, what they do eat must be of good quality. If your puppy consumes food of low-grade ingredients, unnecessary health issues will be created, such as bad teeth, hypoglycemia, and even early death.


Friendly & Cozy Environment

As you welcome your new family member to your home, make sure to provide it with a comfortable, warm, and cozy environment. With that said, special attention needs to be given to your home temperature. You should refrain from chilling your teacup puppy as it may fall ill. For checking the temperature of your home, take off your socks and check the floor barefooted. If your feet get old, you are chilling your puppy. Teacup puppies are very delicate and can get sick easily. It can start with a runny nose and slight sneezing, and before you know it, the sneezing will turn into pneumonia, which can cause early death and major heartbreak.


Beware the Cords!

If you have decided on the area where you will keep your teacup puppy when you have left for work, you will be naturally inclined to keep the area warm with an electric heater. The area could be your kitchen, laundry room, or another section of your living space. Refrain from putting the heater in a place where your puppy can access it. Puppies chew on cords, and placing the heater in the wrong spot can cause your puppy to get electrocuted. That said, make sure that the heater is placed outside the reach of your puppy so that any tragic incident can be avoided.


Be Gentle!

The thing about teacup puppies is that these are very delicate, which requires that the pet owners be quite gentle with them. When we refer to the term gentle, you will have to treat them with extreme care. For instance, you can use a cat harness instead of a typical dog collar. Also, opt for putting a bell on the cat harness, so you and your family know where the puppy is at all times. This dog species is extremely delicate, and many incidents are associated with accidentally injuring the puppies. It might be caused by accidentally tripping over them or even stepping on them.  


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