January 19, 2021

Housebreaking a Puppy

By John Woods


As the pet lovers, most of us adore puppies. It is mainly because of their responsive attitude and obviously, they adore us back. They have the distinctive qualities which the other animals do not have. They make us fall in love with their little things and affection for us. 

However, having a puppy as your pet needs your efforts too. You need to give them your precise time, love and patience. One has to be responsible enough to house train them. Though, they are pre-trained but you need to teach them a few activities to get them on the right track. 


The ways given below could be effective and helpful for you:


Get them into a routine


Though routine could be difficult and overwhelming to follow sometimes. However, it is always the difficult things which teach us the best. A proper routine gets them into a management of time and makes them follow a proper time to eat, play, and sleep. Moreover, you need to add the following activities while following the routine with them:


  • Take them out for a walk and make sure that you are frequent with the entire practice. As a pet parent, it is your duty to take out your time for them and get them outside the house with you. Make sure that you do that on a particular time so that they become habitual to it easily. 
  • Pick a bathroom spot for them, and be sure of the fact that you do not change it. Changing the place every time would make them habitual to this, and hence, they would not realise why it is important to keep the place the same. Also, use some phrase or a word every time they relieve themselves. 
  • Award them when they finish their assigned tasks. Puppies are like human babies, rewards attract them and makes them complete their tasks quickly. 
  • Get them into a regular feeding schedule as per their age and make sure it stays regular. It will make them eliminate at consistent times, hence will make the house training procedure easier for you. 


Keep an eye on your Puppy

Keeping an eye on your puppy during the initial days is imperative as it will let you know what they are doing , so that you can train them accordingly. It is better that you keep an eye on them whenever they are indoors. 


  • Tie your dog with a chain,rope or anything if you are not able to train them regularly. Watch the signs that they give you. Like barking, panting, squatting or being restless. When you see them giving you signs, immediately take them out, to their bathroom spot. 
  • Keep your puppy tied even in their yard as well. Though, it is a suggestion that you give them freedom as well so that they do not feel irritated. 

Confine them

When you cannot keep an eye on them all the time, it is better that you confine them to a particular space. The space should be large and comfortable for them, that they are able to stand, sit and sleep properly until the time you come back to them. However, if it is difficult for you to arrange a place for them at your home, do arrange a crate train for them which has the fresh water and food for them inside it. 


Make plans for them when you are not around them

If you are someone who has to be away from home for more than 4-5 hours, then it is a suggestion that you do not get a puppy but an adult dog, so that they can take care of themselves when you are not around. 

However, if you already have a puppy and have to be away from home, then arrange a professional pet sitter for them or talk to any of your neighbours to take care of them in your absence . 


Do’s and Don’ts for you as a Puppy Parent:


  • Make sure that you never scold or punish your puppy if they meet with an accident. Please remember that accidents can happen and it is nothing to do with the puppy’s fault. Punishing the puppy will scare them and a fear will be there in their minds for a long time. 
  • Do clap loudly whenever you see your puppy doing something which is unacceptable and they should not be doing. It will also let them know that a particular activity is wrong.
  • Reward or praise your puppy when it completes an assigned task.
  • Stay outside with your puppies whenever possible so that it reduces the chances of their accidents. 
  • Use an enzymatic cleaner for their injuries so that it reduces the odors and does not attract them back to that same spot where they met with an accident. 


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