June 16, 2021

Hooked Salmon Dog Treats


Hooked Salmon dog treats give your dog the healthy nutrients that salmon offers.  It also contains taurine that is essential and vet recommended for a healthy heart.

This is a hard biscuit, so if you have a dog with sensitive, loose teeth, then you would not want to give this to your dog. 


If you have never given your dog salmon or any sort of fish or fish oil, the smell and taste may be foreign to your dog. My house has two dogs: My Buster Boy- a 12 year old 32 pound puggle mix, and Bear, a very large German Shephard.  Both of them stared at it for a minute, sniffed it, licked it, and then gobbled it down! 


Buster and I have a game. If I give him something he ignores, and I pretend I want it and will take it away from him, he then guards it and suddenly wants it!  However you get your dog to try it, once he does he will love it and take it eagerly! 


This treat contains the following:

Grain Free and with added Taurine.



Chick pea, tapioca, salmon, flax seeds, eggs, olive oil, canola oil, citric acid (natural preservative), and taurine


(Calculated) Crude Protein: (min 13.3%), Crude Fat: (max 3.6%), Crude Fiber: (max 4.7%), Moisture: (max 5.6%), Taurine: (min 0.1%)

Calories per treat 34

You can find this product HERE 


Sold in a one pound bag that consists of  approx/ 54 treats

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