Homeless Man Saves Abandoned Dog and says “I’m no Hero”



MOBILE, AL (WALA) –A homeless man’s act of kindness that saved a dog’s life may lead to a home for the injured animal.

Lady is a 2-year-old mixed breed dog who shows very little signs of her former neglect. Otis, who is homeless himself discovered the dog outside a homeless camp in Mobile.

“I found her on Conception Street at somebody else’s camp.  She just laid down at the entrance. The first thing I noticed was the chain when I rubbed her around the neck,” Otis said.

That’s when Otis contacted Delta Dogs.  Veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Eiland said when she first saw Lady the dog had a long list of problems.

“She was very underweight, she was heart worm positive, she has intestinal parasites, she had a skin infection,” Dr. Eiland said.

“She had had a chain embedded in her neck that had been there so long that the skin had actually grown over the chain. We were able to take her to surgery that day and it was a two-hour procedure to get the chain out,” the doctor explained.

Delta Dogs is now looking for a foster home for Lady where she can continue her treatment and recovery.

Dr. Eiland said Lady’s case is extreme, but it’s not the only one.

“But the problem that we’re finding at these homeless camps is that people dumping injured animals.  This is far from the first case that we’ve dealt with out there, and it’s an overwhelming problem. We’re not a rescue group.  We’re designed to help the homeless and the poverty stricken help them to provide care for their animals,” she said.

Delta Dogs is a non-profit, community supported organization that helps provide healthcare to the pets of people in need in the Mobile, Alabama area. Sadly, Mobile has an extremely high poverty level and a large homeless and transitional population, including many homeless camps in wooded areas. Nearly 20% of people in Mobile County live below the poverty line, despite our recent growth and new industries.

The veterinarian says Otis very likely saved Lady’s life. He says he just did what was right.

“I’m no hero, but I just hate to see people abuse dogs,” Otis said.

Delta dogs is seeking a three-month foster home for Lady.   If you’d like to help you can contact Dr. Eiland at the ARC Animal Clinic and Rehabilitation Center.  The number is (251)342-2956.