September 24, 2020

Hero Saves Severely Injured Cat

Heroic man rescues a badly injured cat (Courtesy of PHS/SPCA)


A man out walking his dog in northern California comes across a severely inured white cat that appeared to be hit by a car.  The man brought the cat to the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA in Burlingame, California where it was not expected to last the night.

The cat needed to have it’s  jaw wired shut and lower lip repaired, and surprised everyone by pulling through and on the road to recovery.

This happened in late February. With it’s jaw wired, the cat needed to be fed with a feeding tube and over the next few weeks the cat grew stronger and stronger on the road to a full recovery.

With a wired jaw, the kitty needed to be fed with a feeding tube (Courtesy of PHS/SPCA)


“He was such a fighter, our staff named him Toa, which means ‘warrior’ in Maori,” said Buffy Martin Tarbox, communications manager at the rescue and shelter to the San Jose Mercury News.


After the wires were removed from his reconstructed jaw, surgeons worked on his damaged right eye.

Since no one claimed ownership of Toa, he was put into foster care to fully recover and is now up for adoption, all thanks to one good Samaritan.



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