Thu. Oct 17th, 2019

Headline: Video of trainer beating a dog with a wiffle bat not being charged

Video shows this trainer, (Carie Taylor) beating the dog with a wiffle bat continuously while the dog hunkered down on the floor until it was finally able to run behind a chair to hide. The trainer coaxes the dog out and the dog now being praised walks beside the trainer without any resistance.

The video continues with the trainer explaining to someone how this corrected the dog’s negative behavior.

The video surfaced a couple weeks ago when it was anonymously sent to animal control with a request to investigate cruelty charges. It also was uploaded to Facebook and Youtube.


Academy of Canine Behavior is in Bothell, Washington. A small town look in metropolitan Seattle.  Jack and Colleen McDaniel have run the business since 1981, providing grooming, boarding, and training. They stated to the media that the video was two years old and that they do not use that method of training any longer.

Apparently this is all due to disgruntled ex employees, according to Colleen McDaniel, who want to discredit the business.

This assertion appears to be true. Several local and online news outlets have interviewed and quoted at least two ex employees who have been trying to bring an investigation to the facility on not only this video, but charges from photos of dilapidated looking kennels, and dogs lying in their own feces- that show neglect.


The county animal control found no grounds of abuse from the video, and issued no warnings or citations.  The county has not responded to any questions about the photos and conditions they saw during their inspection.


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