September 19, 2020

Harley the Mill Dog and National Mill Dog Rescue team up to save puppy mill dogs

HarleyHarley the mill dog has created a fund raising drive for National Mill Dog Rescue to rescue dogs from puppy mills from Kansas and Missouri called Harley to the Rescue

So far they have raised over 19,000 dollars!

Hi folks!  For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Harley and I’m a puppy mill survivor.  “Harley to the Rescue” is a fundraising campaign that began early this year.  My goal was to raise enough money to send National Mill Dog Rescue on a mission to save puppy mill dogs.  Not only did we raise enough money to rescue 64 dogs, we also raised enough money to provide them the veterinary care they needed. 

We will not stop here, with the help of my best buddy, Teddy, we will continue to fundraise!  All donations will be designated specifically for National Mill Dog Rescue to fund rescues.

Currently we are planning a rescue that will leave Colorado on Sept 6th.  We will travel through Kansas and Missouri saving puppy mills dogs.  Stay tuned for more info!”
The rescue team has saved a total of 57 puppy mill dogs over the past 2 days. (making a grand total of 81 dogs rescued during the current “Harley to the Rescue” campaign!!!

Here are some of the dogs rescued in just the past few days:

harleyrescue1 harleyrescue2 harleyrescue3 harleyrescue4 harleyrescue5

They are just getting started! You can help by donating money. Information about the specific dogs rescued in the last few days will become available  once they have been medically assessed. For more information please visit



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