Handsome George Turns 23- But Not That Unusual for This Family

Geo with Ball

Most people are very fortunate if their cat reaches 20 years or more in age, and it is still considered rare, but not for Cindy Hauff and her husband.  Handsome George just turned 23, but her other cats are not far behind. They have two cats that are 16 and one that is 19, and in the last three years they have had one pass at 18 years of age, another at 21, and another at 22.  In total they currently have seven cats in addition to George ranging in age from 5 to 19 years

What is the Hauff’s secret to feline longevity? They are not sure, but all their cats are kept strictly indoors.

“All my cats have been, are and will always be indoor cats. We live in the city on a relatively busy street. However, they all get to come outside in our fenced backyard with me but always have a harness and leash on for safety,” said Cindy.

Cat Collage 2015

She went on to say:

“My first rescue, Mechant Mae, was only a couple weeks old and lived to be 25; my second, Sassy Kat was about a year when I found her and she lived to 23. Because my friends are always amazed how long my babies live, they ask me this question all the time and I’m never sure what to say. All my cats were spayed/neutered immediately, shots and vet checks annually (twice a year after age 15), always fed them Purina brands dry cat food (however, once Gracie was diagnosed with kidney disease I started supplementing dry food with a third of can food morning and evening for everyone, cause you can’t give it to one and not the others. At least not in my house, cause George will nag and nag you til he gets what he wants. LOL), fanatical about keeping their litter boxes scooped daily, and LOVE! Lots and lots of love and play and attention. These babes are our children!”

Geo Belly Up 2014

Although George has slowed down a bit in his elder years, doesn’t jump up and down and run around like he used to, he still enjoys his favorite toys.

Geo Bday Toy 2015

We think Cindy’s secret to her cat’s long life is her love and devotion.

“I rescued my first cat when I was 20 and still in college and had just moved into my first apartment. Even during the lean years, I did without whatever I had to in order to take care of my babies, whether it was vet visits, food, litter, it didn’t matter. They have always come first…when you commit to a pet, it’s no different than if you had a child. But the reward of unconditional love, joy and laughter is well worth it.”

Geo Closeup 2014

Happy birthday Handsome George! May you have many more.