Mon. Jun 24th, 2019

Going RAW: Frozen vs. Freeze Dried

by Amy Henderson


When it comes to feeding your pets a raw food diet, there are options to what type of food you can purchase. Two of these options include frozen raw food and freeze dried raw food. While frozen raw food is been available for quite some time, freeze dried is still relatively new. Many pet parents wonder, what is the difference between the two, and which offers the most benefits for my pet?


The Benefits of Frozen Raw Food

You can think of your pet’s frozen raw food in the same manner as the raw meat you buy. When you go grocery shopping, you can purchase food in its raw state, or in a frozen state. The freezing process keeps food fresh by exposing it to very cold temperatures, which help to preserve the food until you are ready to use it.

Frozen raw pet food helps maintain the nutritional value of your pet’s food. It also allows you to purchase food in higher quantities because you can store it in your freezer and not worry about it going bad like fresh raw food does.

The Benefits of Freeze Dried Raw Food

As mentioned above freeze dried raw pet food is a relatively new option. It has gained popularity in the last several years. Freeze drying raw pet food involves removing the moisture from the food, without removing the nutritional value. This is accomplished by utilizing a high-pressure vacuum system to draw the moisture out of packaged raw food.

This process also helps to deactivate any bacteria or mold that would otherwise be able to feed, or grow, in the raw food. It protects the food while still ensuring its raw nutritional value. It also makes the food more shelf stable and doesn’t require freezer or refrigeration storage. When you are ready to serve the freeze dried raw food, you simply run it under warm water to rehydrate it.

In essence, frozen and freeze-dried raw food offer similar benefits. They both protect the nutritional value of your pet’s raw food while increasing shelf life. It really depends on your personal preference, or storage space, as to which type of food you choose.

Amy Henderson is the Affiliate Marketing Manager at Raw Paws Pet Food, an online supplier of all-natural pet food, treats, chews, supplements and more. She has lived her whole life with pets and is an avid raw feeder. When she’s not providing custom meal plans for Raw Paws customers, she is allowing her Golden Doodle, Ellie, to sample the latest Raw Paws products.

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