April 15, 2021

Gizmo May Be Slowing Down, But He is Fearless!

by Robert Hudson


Gizmo is 11 years young and has been a loving companion to Angela Williams since he was born.

Giz is very comfortable in his golden years playing with his toys and sitting on the front porch watching the cows and cars go by his rural country home. When he was younger he had non stop energy and climbed trees!

“One day we were walking by one of the trees in the yard and he started jumping at it and whining. He finally jumped hard enough to grab a section and climb. I was always right under him and made sure he didn’t fall. I would also have him get to where he could jump into my arms from any height. He hasn’t climbed trees in years, but when he was about 3-6 years old, he loved to climb them any chance he could get,” Angela told us.

He approaches other dogs and cats very cautiously, but once he warms up to them he is friends for life! He has no fear that holds him back.  “His most endearing quality is his bravery. He is so brave for a little guy living in the country. He is always leading the pack and wanting to check out things in the woods on our walks. I am a helicopter dog mom so I try to discourage this, but he will take off into the darkness and danger without even thinking about it. He is the bravest little dog I’ve ever known. I wish I had some of his bravery and courage.”

Angela went on to say, “He is definitely slowing down in his older years. We used to go for long walks every day. Now I can barely get him to walk half a mile. There are some days he surprises me and takes off sprinting across the yard, but it’s not the same as his younger years. Now he mostly sleeps and enjoys his peace and quiet and only feels like walking once in a while.”




That’s OK Gizmo. You enjoy your retirement and know you are very well loved and appreciated!






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