January 17, 2021

Freeway The Cat Officially Adopted by His Rescuer


After more than 30 days of being rescued from the freeway, two surgeries and more than $1,000 in medical care, Freeway the Miracle Cat is getting a permanent home with the man who rescued him. On Thursday Richard Christianson posted photos on Facebook showing Freeway feeling right at home.


Richard has four other cats and is not ashamed for anyone to know how much he cares for these animals.

“He’s confined to his own room until a few days and we slowly take baby steps to introduce him to the other ones..”


Richard has made some observations about Freeway that concern him.

“Observing Freeway’s behavior, this poor cat has been abused. I came into his room to clean his liter box and the sight of anything in my hand startles him and freaks him out and he runs and hides and hisses.”

“I’m going to take my time with freeway and be understanding and be patient with him and his advancements and achievements… This is a special needs cat way more then my other 4 cats. I’m no Cesar Milan in the cat world but God put us together for a reason and we will work it out. Time & baby steps are the key in this situation … I’ve got too much invested in this baby to let him fail.”

You may listen to the whole story of Freeway’s rescue:

      Richard interview - Pet Radio Show

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