January 17, 2021

Freddy is 21 Years Old and Still Going Strong!

When Tom Mills adopted Freddy, he never dreamed he would still be playing with him 19 years later!


Freddy was found tied to a lamppost with broken ribs in Liverpool, England.  “He was the shyest pup in the pound but we knew he was the one for us.”  It was determined at the rescue Freddy was around 18 months old, making him 21 years old currently.


According to Tom, Freddy was shy at first and after a couple weeks felt right at home. “He was house trained from the get go and had plenty of love and cuddles, he shows no signs of PTSD from his past “.

What is Freddy’s secret to longevity? “Longevity we think is down to luck and an extremely good diet,  one walk a day and sometimes two walks.”

Tom went on to say, “His personality is the exact same today as it was the day we got him. He is so full of life but his old body can’t always keep up. His back legs sometimes give out if he gets out of his bed to quickly and likes his sleep a little more now but apart from that he still acts like he’s two.

“He has cataracts now in his eyes, half deaf (some might be selective hearing 😉) and wobbly legs but that doesn’t stop him running up and down the kitchen when we come home from work or after a bath.”

His favorite activities now are sleeping and cuddling

and more sleeping

and more cuddling

and sometimes cuddling and sleeping at the same time!

To put this in perspective, Tom is currently 25 years old and was six years old when his family adopted Freddy.

Freddy wishes you and your family a happy holiday and new year.

We wish Freddy many more happy years.  Please show Freddy some love in the comments below.

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