For the Love of Aimee

text and photo by Darlene Arden



GP Sinaye’s Plaisir d’Amour of Ajolie, Aimee to her friends, was three-and-a-half years old when I brought her home. A Chartreux, the Smiling Blue Cat from France, has a double coat and orange eyes, hallmarks of the breed. Her transition from her home in Texas to New England was seamless. That’s rare for any pet, let alone a cat. Cats aren’t fond of change. I got her for my mother who wanted another small dog but I couldn’t raise a dog the way I would want to do it, caregive full-time and write full-time. My mother used a walker so I needed a cat who was, essentially, bombproof. Nothing bothered Aimee. She was calm, affectionate and completely unruffled by the sight of a walker, let alone one on the move.

After my mother’s death it was Aimee who comforted me. It was Aimee who gave me a reason to get up every day. Strictly indoors only and not declawed, she had soon acquired a formidable collection of toys along with her scratching post, cat tree and various scratchers in different rooms. And a number of cat beds although, truthfully, her current preference is for the large bed in the Master Bedroom. For a cat who only weights between eight and nine pounds, she certainly has a taste for grandeur. None of those snuggly beds for Aimee, not when she can choose a big bed with her two special blankets on it, each a gift from someone special.

Interaction with her ranges from playing with me with an interactive toy to playing soccer by herself with one of her soft toys. The sliding glass door in the den is her window on the world, her Kitty TV. She either sits near the window or on the top of her cat tree where she watches various wildlife pass through the backyard. Winter is not her favorite season because there’s snow on her Kitty TV. She looks at me beseechingly, obviously hoping I can change it to a channel with grass, birds and bunnies.

There is a sweetness that Aimee exudes that’s very special. She kisses, cuddles and we also enjoy quiet time together. Life without a special four-legged companion just isn’t the same.