October 26, 2020

Foods to Avoid if Your Dog Has Allergies

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by Rosie Tran


Your dog has been itching and you don’t know what to do. A visit to the vet, the vet says its an allergy. It leaves you confused since you don’t know what could be the cause. It makes you sad to find out that 10% of dog allergies are categorised as food allergies. Not an interesting bracket to be in. Best thing is to find a remedy. Courtesy of your vet visit, you get to learn other symptoms that can be an indication of a food allergy. These include diarrhoea, your dog licking its feet, a chronic ear inflammation or gastrointestinal problems.


A distressed dog stresses you too. The adage that a dog is man’s best friend is very accurate. The affection shared between a dog and the owner is mostly admirable. This is the case for Husky and the owner. We hence set out to find out why Husky hasn’t been feeding well and eventually find dog food for Husky. Dogs get food allergy from their parents mainly. It is genetic. Mostly, dogs that have food allergy is protein related.

The allergy is usually triggered upon the dog being exposed to the given protein. This may include lamb, pork, soy, rabbit, beef, fish, chicken, egg, dairy and wheat too. The allergy can be a combination of the aforementioned not just one.

Some symptoms such as a diarrhoea may not necessarily be due to a food allergy. Your dog may be food intolerant. Food intolerance is a reaction to a particular type of food. Hence, it will lead to diarrhoea for instance. This is a one-off occurrence. An allergy is persistent.

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Foods that address food allergy in dogs can be termed as hypoallergenic. Dog food for Husky would hence be hypoallergenic in this case. Hypoallergenic foods can be in three designs. Each out to address the allergy in your dog.

  • Firstly, there are limited ingredients diets. Such a diet has less components. It is hence easier to identify what allergen your dog is allergic to.
  • Secondly, there are novel ingredient diets. This is a diet that exposes Husky to a different meal plan. These are components your dog has not taken before. Ingredients could include kangaroo, buffalo and pheasant.
  • Finally, a prescription diet. This is given by a vet having identified the food allergy. Hypoallergenic dog foods hence seek to address food allergy in dogs

All the above hypoallergenic foods are available in the market. Depending on your budget, it is possible to purchase dog food for Husky. Whether a limited ingredient diet or novel ingredient diets, they should be accessible at your local pet food store. For the prescription diet, this may vary. It may be dependent on what has been prescribed.

As aforementioned, dogs are mainly allergic to proteins. Beef in most cases tops the list. In case it is an allergy, an option would be feeding Husky a raw diet. Allergies arise from long exposure to that particular food. Therefore, it would be prudent to rotate meats weekly. If the allergy isn’t there yet, you decrease the chances. Secondly, lactose digestion is a challenge for some dogs. This can also be termed an intolerance.

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If it causes skin itchiness though, it is an allergy. The best dog food for Husky in this case then would avoid beef or any lactose diets.

Lots of dog foods contain wheat in them. However, some dogs react to wheat. Wheat in dog diets provide the carbohydrates. It is therefore an important component. With a wheat allergy, your vet can recommend appropriate grains to substitute. Also, an egg allergy means your dog can’t utilise the proteins in the egg yolk. Avoiding eggs can be easy. Some dog foods however have eggs as part of the ingredients. Just check out the labels keenly.

Most dog foods initially had chicken and beef. This means your dog can also have a chicken allergy. Later on, lamb was included in dog foods. This was to address beef and chicken allergies. However, it can also be a cause of allergy. With long exposure, an allergy will show up.

The worst of all allergies is soy. Soy is not only an allergy causing agent but other health risks too. The health dangers may include thyroid, reproductive problems as well as growth problems and liver disease. Such a component seems to have more risks than benefits if included in a diet.


(Image Source: https://siberianhusky.com/safe-dogs-eat-chicken-nuggets-fried-foods/)


Another option to explore in finding dog food for Husky would be preparing your own food at home. If all else fails, this sure won’t. You know what exactly you are including in the diet. You avoid what Husky is allergic to. Important to note, the diet needs to be balanced.


Include the appropriate amounts of minerals, ingredients and vitamins. If you are a first-time dog owner, you may be green in this area. There are dog food recipes online you can refer to. It shouldn’t be a hassle. You can ask your vet for advice on the same. This is especially if you intend to use this for the
long term. You can offer your dog variations in the diet. This would help you see which diet they may be enjoying. However, with long term use there is a probability of an allergy occurring. Be keen to look out for reactions to the new diet plan.
Just like in us human beings, allergies slow us down. Your dog too will be slow in his or her reactions. Allergies cause a lot of discomfort. As outlined above, the best food for Husky avoids the allergy causing agents. They are mainly protein but can be wheat as well and grains. Self-medication is an option especially for pet lovers but visit your vet. You will get the best advice. Also, you get a sure remedy and prescription if need be.

A dog is man’s best friend. We look out for our friends. Do you want to look out for Husky? Give Husky your best. Retaliate Husky’s affection with the best dog food for Husky.

Rosie is a founder of ChummyDoggy, where she share love and tips & tricks that will help you become a better “dog-mom”. She also have a dog, her name is Lola, visit her twitter  @RosieTran20

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