March 5, 2021

Firefighter rescues a Macaw stuck in a tree

Harley the Macaw, Courtesy of Sylvia Hudson Tharp


Firefighters in Morristown, TN were surprised when they got a call to rescue a Macaw parrot stuck in a tree.  according to WBR news. 


Sylvia Tharp was outside her home when she heard a voice calling, “Mom,Mom…Mom!” and realized it was their neighbors 15 year old Macaw parrot.  The bird has it’s wings clipped, and after escaping outdoors and making its way up a tree, it was too high for it to fly back down. She then called the fire department and recorded the rescue on video.

A firefighter reached the bird on a ladder and attempted to coach the bird onto a gloved hand, but for quite while the bird was too scared to move. Eventually after much shaking of the tree branch, Harley managed to fly off the tree and toward his house.

Thank you Sylvia for being a caring neighbor.

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