Favorite Cats of Instagram

Favorite Cats of Instagram

This is a guest post by Joy Jewell of PawsandPrada.uk, the lifestyle blog for discerning dog lovers.


The growth of social network Instagram has been nothing short of extraordinary over the past few years, with bloggers, photographers, fitness experts and foodies finding Instagram fame from their beautiful taken and curated collections of photographs. However, amongst the images of delicious dinners, beach bodies and envy inducing travel photography, there’s another type of Instagram account which is taking over the social app – the pet account.

Cats and dogs with adorable snaps are taking Instagram by storm. Some have ended up with books and modelling contracts, others are whisked around the world to attend events and review pet-friendly hotels. So, just who are these canine and feline Instagram stars?


Mr Smoosh

mr smoosh smoosh_cat_cave smoosh_pose2 snugglinssmoosh

With a characteristic smushed up face, Mr Smoosh has a slightly grumpy appearance which is utterly adorable and 10,000 followers would agree. This ball of fluff is featured regularly stretching, snuggling, and cuddling with his best friend Pickle.


shishi maru

shishi shishi2

Shishi-Maru is a Scottish Fold cat living in Norway, with close to 30k Instagram followers. With one of the fluffiest belly in the business, Shishi-Maru loves to show off that tummy fur, by sitting up like a human. For a daily dose of cute, he’s well worth a follow.

Richard Kitty

richard kitty Richardcat2 Richardcat3

Rescue cat Richard has a very unique look indeed thanks to his distinctive eyes – one is green and one is blue. His fabulous appearance has not only gained him an enormous following of 137k, but he has appeared as the cover star on Feline Wellness Magazine and has a range of limited edition socks.




Klaus is a real up and comer in the world of Instagram. A Maine Coon kitty, he’s a big feline with a sizeable character to match. He’s utterly gorgeous and has a majestic, regal look about him thanks to a full, fluffy, orange mane.

Does your pet have an Instagram account? Who knows, they may be the next big thing.