Sat. Jan 18th, 2020

Farm dog becomes guardian angel for baby goat


BANGOR, MI — It is now the time of year at Windshadow Farm & Dairy in Bangor, Michigan when dairy goats give birth to their kids and begin producing milk again.

“With 120 does, the occasional problem arises”, said farmer Ron Klein, and when trouble arose,  Libby, a Great Pyrenees dog, took it upon herself to take a break from her usual job of protecting the flock from predators to be the guardian of a baby goat.

“Goats who have never before had a kid can become totally bewildered and confused by birthing”, Klein said, “wandering off in a daze, then frantically searching barn and lots for the kids they left behind. When that happens,  it is not unusual to find an older doe has taken charge of the abandoned kid.”

A few days prior, Klein discovered a nervous doe exhibiting obvious signs she had had a kid.

“But no kid was in sight — not in the barn, huts, lean-to or with any member of the herd.  It was a bad sign,” Klein said. ” I checked the cracks, crannies, base of the feeders–nothing.”

Then to his surprise he  found the newborn kid, safe, warm and dry  with Libby.

“These guardian dogs are really amazing,” Klein exclaimed.

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