January 15, 2021

Expert Tips On Freshwater Aquarium Setup And Care


Having an aquarium in your house is a great way to add a touch of life and color to any room. Aquariums are great for interior design as they come in many shapes and sizes so they’re easy to fit into almost any space. Having an aquarium is also a great way to teach your kids responsibility and letting them have a family pet

Regardless of your reason for having an aquarium, setting it up the right way can make a huge difference in your fish’s survival. Today, we’ll go over some tips on the best things to do when setting up your aquarium and the best ways to care for it once you have it set up. 

  • Make Sure You Have All Your Supplies

Setting up a freshwater aquarium requires a lot of supplies including a heater, a filter, gravel, decorations, and a fish tank pump. These supplies allow your aquarium to run better and stay clean. 

For instance, an air pump for a fish tank is extremely important since there won’t be enough movement in your water to promote an exchange of gases between the air and your aquarium water without it. If there’s no exchange of gases, your aquarium will run out of oxygen and your fish will die. 

If you don’t have all your supplies and equipment, you might struggle to keep your tank in good shape. So, before you start setting up your tank, make sure your fish have everything they need to survive. 

  • Decide What Type Of Fish Your Tank Will Have

Thinking about the type of fish you plan on keeping can help you decide what sort of decorations will be best for your new aquarium. 

For example, if your aquarium is made up of guppies, then you’ll need to keep in mind that guppies love live coral. Furthermore, there’s some type of fishes like goldfish and betas that don’t really like to be in a tank where coral is the dominant material. If you’re interested in keeping a goldfish, you should go with something smaller and simple. Betas and goldfish will do better in a tank that has a lot of decorations for them to hide in. 

If you have no idea what to put in the tank, do some research and experiment until you come up with the right combination.

  • Test Your Water

When you set up your aquarium, make sure that you test the water daily to see what condition it’s in. Also, check on a regular basis to see if the water temperature is stable and is staying in a good range. 

These water conditions are very important to keep the fish healthy and thriving. 

  • Make Sure You Aren’t Overfeeding

As soon as you take possession of your new fish tank, you’ll realize that there’s a lot of work involved. To help ensure that your freshwater aquarium remains in good condition, you should make sure that you keep an eye on the food that’s being offered to the fish. 

If you see that there’s too much food being accumulated in your water, you’re either putting too much food for the amount of fish you have or you’re feeding your fish the wrong type of food. This is not only a sign of cleanliness but also a way of ensuring that the fish are not being overfed. 

Once you know what to expect from your freshwater aquarium, you’ll know how to cope with any unexpected events. Keep in mind that the environment of the tank will change depending on the time of year.

  • Always Stay On Top Of Your Filtration System

The next step in freshwater aquarium maintenance is to make sure that your filtration system is optimally working. If you notice that the filter isn’t functioning well, you need to replace it with a new one. 

Replacing your filter is also a good time to make sure that the filter cartridge is properly lubricated and to remove all the old filter components from the filter. Once you have everything in place, you can finally give your aquarium some freshness and health by giving it a good maintenance routine.

A green beautiful planted tropical freshwater aquarium with fishes


Why You Should Go With A Freshwater Aquarium

There are many benefits of having a freshwater aquarium setup. For instance, adding freshwater plants is a great way to add a bit of variety to your aquarium, it’s fun to watch the growth of the fish, and it can even bring a hobbyist closer to nature. If you’ve never tried a freshwater aquarium set up before, now is definitely the time to get started. 

Freshwater aquarium setup is easier than it seems. You just need a little bit of planning and patience, then you’re good to go.


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