Doogie Award Nominee Kimberly Bond Anderson, POS

Kimberly Bond Anderson

Pet Radio would like to nominate Kimberly Bond Anderson for our very first DOOGIE Award. Witnesses say Ms. Anderson chocked her dog Roadrunner until his eyes popped out of its sockets, and then threw the dog off her 3 story high balcony.

Anderson’s response to the charges…

“People in my complex, they like to yap their jaws and not keep their nose in their own business,” she said. She claims that the neighbors lied when they said she threw her dog off of the balcony and says that the dogs, including her other dog pearl, got loose before going on a trip to the dog park where Roadrunner was hit by a car.

“I didn’t see the accident happen, but all I know it’s there, and I was devastated,” she said.

Keep smoking that crack pipe Kimberly! We think this toothless bumpkin is worthy of this award and recognition, and if you agree, please comment below. If we get over 100 comments, we will mail Kimberly a fresh and steaming trophy graciously donated by our own Buster Boy!

Listen to our interview with KC Pet Project, who is nursing Roadrunner back to health,  on Saturday November 29th.

  • Mary Mooney

    Can I present the award? Pretty please?

  • disqus_vedYJCV2Gf

    Please do give her the award, very deserving it and more! what a POS

  • AileenCheetham

    Anderson should be thrown off the same balcony.

  • Caroline Burton

    Scum like her should be removed from the gene pool…. that is, after being strangled and thrown off the very same balcony – if she survives that, then beat her to death. That poor dog must have suffered every day of his life at the hands of this scumbag and her associate losers, she and they don’t deserve life unless it’s behind bars.

  • PeachyCoolArrow

    She is still completely unrepentant!