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Man’s best friend has a long history with us humans. Here you will find a list of resources, links, blog posts and tips for dog owners, first time dog parents, and dog lovers everywhere. Check back as we continue to add to this page and give us any suggestions for additions.

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Basic training 

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How do I get my dog to stop pulling on the leash?
When he pulls, immediately stop and stand completely still until the leash relaxes, either by your dog taking a step back or turning around to give you focus. When theleash is nicely relaxed, proceed on your walk. Repeat this as necessary. If you find this technique too slow you can try the reverse direction method.


Why does my dog bite the leash?


High-energy, playful dogs with a difficult time soothing themselves when overwhelmed are most likely to exhibit this behavior, but it can become an ingrained habit in any dog. There are a variety of reasons dogs jump, chew and pull the leash with their teeth.


How do you train a dog to walk on a leash without pulling?


 If your dog is going after something while on a walk — another dog, a car, or skateboarder, for example, try to redirect his attention with a treat before he has a chance to lunge and create space between you and the target. Be proactive. Get prepared before the target of his frustration gets too close. This type of behavior is more common in herding breeds, who like to chase.

Dog Breed Info

Get info on every dog breed from the tiniest to the largest

Dog breed directory




Dog book reviews

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