Sun. Feb 17th, 2019

Dogs of Twitter: Meet Starlett the Westie

Starlett is a Twitter darling spreading joy and smiles.  Born on November 5th 2012, she was one of 5 females in the litter.  When she was born she needed to go straight to the Vet as she had a small hole (puppy hernia) in her groin area.

Louise Crowley, her proud  Mama describes her as the ambassador of London getting smiles from everyone she meets:

“Starlett is a very happy little dog and always appears to have a little smile on her face.  Walking down the street with her I always see people stop and smile down at her.   Wanting to share her smiles with more people I decided to register her with as a Therapy Dog.   Starlett has been visiting a local sheltered housing establishment for the over 60’s.   They enjoy her visiting them once a week.  We sit with them, have a cup of tea and a chat.  The residents smile at Starlett which makes me smile too.  I sometimes bring her brush with me and they enjoy brushing her hair.  I also bring some of her “treats” with me.  Usually some good quality dry food with chicken and salmon oil.   Other than that I feed her mostly fresh chicken with coconut oil and and sprinkling of mixed herbs.   Since she’s been a puppy shes always had a healthy diet.   A recent titre test shows she has a very strong immune system.  Also for a West Highland Terrier (known for itchy skin) she has a great and shiny coat of curly hair.

I am hoping next for Starlett to become a Read 2 Dog.

Starlett’s happiness I think is down to the fact that she has never been left on her own.  She keeps my elderly parents company if I need to go out.  She likes traveling around London on the Underground trains or on red double decker buses.

I have made a few books with Starlett in: a natural remedies book, recipe book and children’s books.

Starlett has met the following Celebrities:  Tito Jackson (Jackson5) and his sons (80’s boyband 3T), Leona Lewis (singer) Davina McCall (uk tv presenter) and Calum Best (son of the late George Best Manchester United football Legend). ”

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