August 4, 2020

Dog Hit by a Car and Trapped Under Bumper for Miles Afterward

Photo Provided by the Rotterdam, N.Y., Police


This dog must have a guardian angel.


Coco, a sweet young Shiba Inhu dog,  was walking across a street on a nice fall morning this week in upstate New York when she was struck by a car and pushed under the front bumper.  The driver pulled over after driving for 45 minutes when she heard a noise coming from the front of her car. She was shocked to find the frightened little dog trapped under her car!


According to the police the woman immediately called the police who came and freed the dog. She told police in the corner of her eye she saw something cross in front of her car, and wasn’t sure what it was. She stopped, saw the damage to her vehicle,  did not see the dog  and continued driving for 45 minutes before hearing the dog whimper.


An X-ray at Hernas Veterinary Clinic in Schenectady, New York,  revealed Coco had a broken elbow but was otherwise unscathed. She will need surgery to mend her broken bone. The hospital is accepting donations for her recovery.

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