Thu. Oct 17th, 2019

Dog Born Without a Nose Gets a Second Chance


Goosie has a rare birth defect where she was born missing part of her nose.  Her nostrils are inside her mouth, her top lip (called bilateral cleft lip), and most of her top teeth are missing.

This sweetie belongs to Sanctuary Rescue who rescued the dog and made it a permanent part of their own family .

“She’s just cute, goofy, playful and she’s just happy to even be here,” said Brittany Ketcham, owner of Brittany Rose.

Now, Sanctuary Rescue and Brittany Rose photography have teamed up to create a calendar to raise money for Goosie’s surgery.

“When I saw the pictures of Goosie and saw how well she was doing, I just had to do what I could to get her out there to help raise money for the surgery,” said Ketcham.

Aside from that, they’re also selling what they call, “Goosie Gear!” Proceeds from all the merchandise will go towards medical bills for Goose which are expected to be around $6,000.

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